DSI Documents

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Company Profile

Unveil the essence of our company through a captivating profile that showcases our vision, achievements, and commitment to excellence.

Prefabricated Houses

The attached document containing information about our Prefabricated houses

DAL-Zip Standing Seam

The attached document containing information about our Standing Seam

Covering Panels

These 1 cm insulated corrugated panels offer groundbreaking construction tech. They combine efficient insulation, excellent thermal protection, humidity resistance, and affordability for eco-friendly, durable buildings.

Insulated Roller Shutter Door

Insulated Roller Shutters are purpose made for industrial and commercial usage They are suitable for a whole host of applications ranging from warehouse or factories to commercial shop frontage, arenas and car parks.

Color Slection Sheet Names & Codes

Dalal Color Selection Sheet: Your Palette of Possibilities! Elevate your projects with precision and flair using our comprehensive Color Selection Sheet. Unlock a world of creativity with names and codes that speak volumes. Choose with confidence, design with precision

CE Certificate

Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control

ISO Certification

ISO Certified Excellence | Explore Dalal Steel Industries' commitment to quality and reliability with our newly achieved ISO Certification. Elevating standards for a trusted and reliable experience.

Rock Wool Product Catalog

Discover Excellence in Insulation | Explore our Rock Wool Product Catalog for top-notch insulation solutions. Unparalleled quality, performance, and innovation.

Clean Rooms

Explore our Clean Rooms Brochure, showcasing Dalal Steel Industries' commitment to creating controlled environments for critical processes.

Light Gauge Steel Buildings

Dive into our Light Gauge Steel Buildings Brochure, a testament to innovation and precision in construction.


Explore our DAL28Brochure, showcasing Dalal Steel Industries' commitment to creating controlled environments for critical processes.

Notable Steel Building Projects

Witness the grandeur of our remarkable steel building projects, a testament to our expertise in constructing structures that inspire awe and stand the test of time.

DAL 28 Specifications

DAL 28 is the corrugated metal sheet with 10mm insulation, ideal for the realization of industrial and civil cladding and facades and for the renovation of old roofs.

Sandwich Panel Profiles

Discover our sandwich panels profiles. We give you several options and size variations

Solar Panel Specifications

Explore the specifications of our solar sandwich panels, and different types of accessories they have.

Notable Prefabricated House Projects

Embark on a journey through our noteworthy prefabricated house projects, where exceptional design, quality craftsmanship, and sustainability merge to create homes that redefine modern living.

Building Material

The attached document containing information about our Corrugated Sheets, Sandwich Panels, Cold Formed Sections, Doors, Louvers, and other building accessories.

Sandwich Panels

Unleash the potential of our revolutionary sandwich panels, meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched thermal insulation, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal, transforming the way you envision construction and design.

Nigeria Notable Projects

Showcasing Notable Achievements | Explore our Nigeria Notable Project Brochure featuring a collection of successful ventures by Dalal Steel Industries


Unveil the boundless possibilities of our container solutions, ingeniously crafted to transform spaces into versatile, sustainable environments that effortlessly adapt to your needs and inspire innovation.

Warehouse Solutions

Explore our cutting-edge warehouse solutions, meticulously designed to revolutionize storage and logistics with seamless integration, optimal space utilization, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Solar Sandwich Panels

Discover our innovative Sandwich Panels, specifically engineered for seamless integration with Solar Panels.