dsi Terms & Conditions

            PAYMENT DSI will only start fabrication only after receiving the full down payment. All goods will remain DSI asset until full payment is received.

            CANCELLATION Under any circumstances, agreement and orders cannot be cancelled or modified by the buyer unless an agreement is reached with the seller and indicated in writing. If both parties agree on a cancellation agreement, buyer shall agree to pay all reasonable damages and expenses incurred by the seller (i.e. engineering and detailing fees, etc.) and in any case are not less than 20% of the contractual agreement in case of cancellation.

            ASSUMPTIONS Both parties agreed that the price quoted is based on a lump sum basis calculated according to the building descriptions listed mentioned in the proposal and not as a re-measurable basis. However, should there be any revision to the scope of the work after signing of the contract which may result in an increase or decrease in the contract value, then it is subject for a ‘change order’ to be agreed by both parties, DSI and the customer.

            CHANGE ORDERS Any change to the specifications or layout of the building might lead to a price change and possibly an extension of the delivery date.

            FORCE MAJURE DSI is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred by the customer caused from the delay of delivery or cancellation of any orders caused by unexpected events such as war, riots, revolution, civil war, floods, pandemics, fires, earthquakes, weather conditions, embargoes, factory shutdown, power shutdown or acts of any authority directly or indirectly interfering with the production or delivery of the products including any events that are out of the seller's control.

            TRANSPORTATION & UNLOADING (IF BY DSI) DALAL STEEL is not responsible for any governmental / municipal permission, all civil works, concrete foundation and all types of entry pass. We assume that the site is accessible by normal road trailer. Customer will be charged for any extra cost incurred due to inaccessibility of site/road. Customer will be charged for the use of cranes with a capacity greater than 7 Tons, used for unloading when and if needed.

            STORAGE DALAL STEEL agrees to store ordered units free of charge for up to 3 months of date of order. Anything after these 3 months, DALAL STEEL will charge customer 200$ / unit / month. Thereafter, if client does not claim units after 6 months of date of order, the units will be of DALAL STEEL asset and the 50% down payment will not be returned to customer.

            WARRANTY DALAL STEEL Products are warranted against failure due to manufacture defects or defective workmanship for a period of one year after delivery of material. Any maintenance after this period will be charged. Please note that materials the external cladding materials such as wood do not have a warranty as their life-span are short lived if not maintained by client.