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    Main Frame: Galvanized Steel

    Floors: Galvanized Steel with Cement Board Substrate and required Finish

     Wall & Roof Panels: High density Insulated Panels.

    - Electrical: Main Panel Board, Switches, Sockets, Lighting

    Sanitary:  All Fixtures may be include

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    - Duplex home. 3 Bedrooms with bathroom , kitchen and living room. 

    - Insulated floors, walls, and roof, with wood cladded exterior walls, double glazed windows and Ceramic Tiled floors. 

    - Transportation and installation anywhere are included. 

    Double Roof must be added for areas with snow. 


    - The site should be leveled.

    - It should have a either a concrete slab or concrete footing to place the prefab unit.

    - A main electrical line, water line and  sewage line should be connected to the prefab unit onsite.

    - You must place the unit on your leveled land and connect it to these utility lines and your good to go!

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