SECONDAry StRucture

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Secondary structural framing shall include the purlins, girts, eave struts, wind bracing, flange bracing, base angles, clips and other miscellaneous structural parts.
Purlins, girts and eave struts are secondary structural members used to support the wall and roof panels. Purlins are used on the roof; girts are used on the walls and eave struts are used at the intersection of the sidewall and the roof.
Girts and purlins, take the loads imposed on the covering system and transfers them to the frames which, in turn, transfer them to the foundation.
Struts help in resisting part of the longitudinal loads that are applied on the building such as wind and earthquake loads, while providing bracing to the flanges of the main frame members.

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Purlins, girts and eave struts shall be cold formed from steel which has a minimum yield strength of 350MN/m² (50,000psi) and will conform to the physical specifications of ASTM A-607 (Grade 50) or equivalent.

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Structural bracing

To protect from high winds, or snow loads which may cause more stress than panel shear can handle, so additional reinforcement will be required, therefore we will use Bracing to reinforce the frame. Bracing consists of sets of cables in the roof, between the rafters, and in the walls between the columns.


Clips are used to connect secondary members to primary members. They are usually bolted together for easy erection on site.

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The building anchor bolts shall be designed to resist the column reactions resulting from the specified loads.
All metal buildings are built on top of a foundation concrete slab with concrete footings, which is formed under a column. A footing distributes the load created by the metal building support member into the supporting soil. Anchor bolts are set in the footing to “anchor” the column or structural members.
A metal base plate is a pre-punched metal plate which comes already welded to the base of the column or structural member. The pre-punched plate fits over the anchor bolts.

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