Dream Home through Prefabricated Houses

Ahome is a place where one lives the way they want, and everyone wants a dream home of their own. Today, this is possible very quickly through prefabricated houses.

What is Prefabrication?

Prefabrication is assembling all the components and manufacturing a structure in a factory. One example of Prefabrication is the process of building houses.

Prefabricated Home

Prefabricated houses, also called prefab homes, or just prefabs, are specialized habitats of buildings. These are manufactured away from the site, from where the order can be easily transported and delivered.


Aluminium, Steel, are some of the materials used commonly in the manufacture of prefabricated houses. However, the materials vary according to the demand of the customers and the need for customization.

  • Metal buildings- The significant materials used in the manufacturing of metal buildings are galvanized Steel and galvalume. Most of the metal components like the roof are of Steel. Galvalume is a type of steel coated with aluminium-zinc and corrosion, fire, and rust-free.

  • Small buildings- Small prefabricated buildings used materials such as Steel and Aluminium majorly and some other materials. These buildings are highly preferred these days as they are cheap and easily flexible.

  • Low-Cost house- These kind of prefabricated houses are gaining more popularity because of economic reasons. These low-cost houses use materials of low cost. The techniques used in the manufacturing of these houses are simple and quick.


The prefabs are generally of three kinds- modular homes, manufactured homes, and pre-designed homes.

  • Modular homes- These types have sections that get manufactured offsite in a factory and transported. Each section has an interior set of doors, cabinets, etc. assembled in the site and arranged accordingly.

  • Manufactured homes- Most preferable kind of home, the manufactured homes are first built-in panels and then transported to the site. There the parts after assembling need a lot of finishing work, and later the interior work begins. It is much unlike modular homes.

  • Pre-designed homes- Popular as pre-cut or kit homes, these are mobile homes. These are usually small in size and are mostly in use as dome houses or cabins. These are popular as they are mobile and can travel anywhere.

Pros and Cons


There are several advantages of prefabs. Some of them are:

  • It gives your home a modernized look and is efficient in energy.

  • There is no wastage, and even the inspection hassle is zero as you are safe from the municipal inspection.

  • Another advantage is that one can easily rely on the estimated schedule of the manufacture. This is so because the manufacturing process does not get interrupted by any outer obstruction like weather conditions.


Ther are a few disadvantages too, along with the advantages and they are:-

  • The prefabricated houses have limited designs due to limited options in the choice of material.

  • Since the prefabs are of low quality, it makes it difficult for reselling them.

  • It is quite challenging to make a financial plan for such houses as requires upfront payment, but do not get loans quickly. This is because the banks are not much familiar with the concept of prefabs.

Therefore, getting a modern home of dream house gets more comfortable with Prefabrication.