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Sandwich Panels

DSI are the largest manufacturers of polyurethane injected sandwich panels in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq and they have the only continuous production line in the region.

Dalal’s sandwich steel panel systems, for roof and wall applications, gives buildings the perfect balance of strength, thermal efficiency, noise elimination and attractiveness.

Our lightweight panels consist of a metal outer skin, bonded to an insulation board (referred to as the core). The core material is made of expanded polystyrene.

With our "continuous PU sandwich panel line", we supply high uniform quality polyurethane panels in a large scale, with a high production rate, unlimited length and product consistency.

Dalal panels are attractive, easy to install and highly versatile.



  • Sound and Thermal Resistance; Dalal SANDWICH PANELS provides an excellent sound-proof effect. The laminated polyethylene core does not allow heat to penetrate in the buildings, as it is one of the best insulating materials and, thus, saves on air conditioning and energy costs.
  • Fire retardant; A Class 1 foam means that when burned, an external heat source is required to sustain combustion. If left on it’s own, the foam will self extinguish.
  • Economic construction technique is one of the main drivers which has supported this composite panel growth.
    i) Being light in weight, it is easy to carry, simple to form thus attributing to reduced costs for erection and structural support.
    ii) One-Piece Construction process assures rapid completion of the wall and roof system. Faster building completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs.
  • Dalal Panels are Durable, Flexible and Lightweight, yet very strong .
  • Impermeable Faces & Built-in Thermal Breaks ensure the highest insulating values are maintained for the life of the building. Coated, hygienic surfaces that can be washed down frequently.
  • Concealed Attachment with clips and fasteners at the side joint of the panel offers a clean high profile appearance.
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