Dalal Steel

Recommendation Letters


SGS iso certification
Al Teek Company Cold Storage rooms
Daher International Food Breakfast Cereal Factory
Federal Agency for Technical Relief Prefabricated Shower Containers
Ghandour Cote D'Ivoire Nouvelle Parfumerie
Irish Battalion United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon Accommodation Containers
ITB Eko Atlantic Camp in Nigeria
Jean Mamo Construction Beirut Port Key Freight Services
National Beverage Co (Coca Cola) Warehouse
New Golden Establishment US Army Camp in Iraq
Prime South Labor Camp
UNIFIL MOVCON Rotation Terminal at Beirut Airport
UNIFIL Sector West Italian Joint Task Force Camp
United Nations Malaysian Contingent Unifel Camp
United Nations Spanish Army Interim Force in Lebanon 2
United Nations Spanish Army Interim Force in Lebanon
UNRWA Schools Health Center Refugee Camps and Offices

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