Dalal Steel Industries

Dalal specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying custom engineered, high-quality, metal building systems and pre-fabricated houses for commercial, industrial, and other specialty applications.


Forging Steel from Ash - August 2011

Toufic Dalal had spent 20 years building his firm into one of the largest steel manufacturers in the region, specializing in pre-engineered buildings and pre-fabricated houses.


Dalal Steel Industries awarded the fabrication and construction of Beirut City Center Shopping Mall - March 2011

Dalal will be fabricating and constructing the mall's 12,000m2 roof structure made from an estimate of 1,200 tons of hot rolled structural steel, covered with composite steel decking and concrete topping including 1 hour fire rating for the entire system, the first system of its kind in the region


How Peace Pays - June 2010

UNIFIL’s Miguel de Cervantes base near Marjayoun — considered “the best UN base in the world” by many UNIFIL personnel — was little more than a campground in 2006. Marwan Dalal from Dalal Steel Industries said that his company provided 90 percent of the steel and prefabricated buildings used on the $16 million base, which was primarily built using prefabricated structures.


The Determination of a Man of Steel - October 2006

Toufic Dalal of Dalal Steel tells Executive how he will not be put off by the destruction of his Bekaa factory on July 23 and how his patience with the government is running out.


Prefabricated Housing Units Manufacturer Begins Rebuilding Facilities - September 2006

Of all the industrial plants destroyed by Israel in its 34-day bombardment of Lebanon, one target, Dalal Steel Industries, stands out. The prefabricated housing company is arguably the single commercial target hit during the war with the most regional strategic significance, since its main client is the US military.

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