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Steel Doors

Depending on your specific needs, Dalal Steel offers a full range of customized, heavy-duty and easy to install doors in standard service, sliding and overhead styles.

Very secure, fire retardant, and easy to install, inexpensive, high insulation value, easy to maintain, and can be either pre-painted or self painted with great results.

Overhead and Rollup Door Openings:

Framed door openings to fit any sized overhead or rollup door are available. The door is not furnished with the building package. Optional trim to cover face of jamb and header is available. Our systems offer a wide range of overhead door frames in widths and heights to meet any requirements.

Insulated Passage Doors:

Insulated passage doors are pre-hung with framed opening and include all necessary hardware, thresholds and weather stripping. Glass window insets are available options.The exterior is galvanized, primed and coated with polyester thermo-hardened white. They have high density polyurethane foam injected in place. The doors are furnished complete with insulated door jambs, threshold, hinges and hardware. Closers are optional. Walk doors come complete with hardware, thresholds and weather striping.

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