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Military Camps

Dalal has been the main contractor for several Army Camps, providing them with the design, manufacture, fabrication, delivery & installation & construction of a fully functional camp (such as military prefabricated modular buildings, prefabricated accomodations, offices, hospital, shelters, ablution, kitchens, laundry) & all its camping equipments.

Modular Building for Military Camps:

Dalal specializes in the rapid deployment of high quality prefabricated units, modular buildings and shelters for various military camps, which have included:

  • Prefabricated Units: Offices, houses, hospitals, and laundry, recreation and ablution units.
  • Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings: Gymnasium, warehouses, maintenance shops, kitchen, dining and sheds.
  • Mobile Caravans: Offices, houses, laundry, recreation and ablution units.
  • Shelters: Telecommunication and Emergency.
  • Cold Storage.
  • Containers : Marine, Ordinary and Storage.
  • Renovation of Previously existing Camps. (demolishing and installation of new units)

Rapid Deployment Mobile Factory System:

Dalal Rapid Deployment Mobile Factory System is a unique, go anywhere, mobile factory that is fitted in containers that can fabricate on site as per customer requirement. This system eliminates bulk shipping problems & tremendous shipping costs. It also can mobilize immediately with raw materials for immediate site execution, especially in remote areas & can accept plans modification as per site & client requirements.

This system can make from small to lage living units. It is a perfect system for emergency relief shelters. Therefore, the factory is at client disposal.

List of Project:

Dalal have Designed, Manufacture, Install Prefabricated houses and steel structures projects include:

  • UN-MOU – Iraq – Pre-Engineered Steel Building (30,000 m2)
  • UN-MOU – Iraq – Pre-Fabricated Units (30,000 m2)
  • US Army, Bucca Camp- Umm Qasr, Iraq – a dining facility, suitable for 560 persons for seating with all built in equipments, such as ovens, cook-tops, sinks, tables and furniture (1644 m2)
  • US Army Camps -Arifjan, Kuwait – Design, Manufacture, Install Prefabricated houses and steel structures (3,800 m2)
  • US Army Camps- Bagram, Afghanistan – Design, Manufacture, Install Prefabricated units and steel structures (6,800 m2)
  • DKB Inc. Canada: – Algeria :120 Prefabs Units delivered to the Electrical power station in Algeria (3,600m2)
  • UNIFIL/Spanish Camp, Lebanon- Accommodation, offices, toilets, and kitchen units. Gymnasium, Dining, Kitchen, Warehouses, and Cafeteria Buildings (25,000 m2)
  • UNIFIL/Italian Camp - Lebanon- Accommodation, offices, toilets, and kitchen units. (5,000m2)
  • UNIFIL/Malaysian Camp - Lebanon - Accommodation, offices, toilets, kitchen, , Security Guard units, cold storage, infirmary units, mobile hospital (10,000 m2)
  • UNIFIL/Korean Camp - Lebanon- Accommodation, offices, toilets, kitchen, Security Guard, cold storage, infirmary, and mobile hospital units (10,000 m2)
  • UNIFIL/Finish / Irish/ Polish Camp - Lebanon- Accommodation, offices, toilet, and recreation units ( 2,000 m2 )
  • UNFIYCP, Cyprus – Prefabricated Kitchen (100 m2)
  • Trinity Group –Sudan, Africa: Accommodation, offices, and toilets units (1,800 m2)
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